Duta Harapan Indah Blok A no12-12A, Jakarta Utara



Main Engine & Diesel Generator Parts

  • LU(S)24
  • LUD26
  • LH26G
  • L26BGSH
  • LH28G
  • LU(N.S.D)28(A)
  • LU(N)28AG
  • EL30
  • LH31G
  • LH34
  • EL(S)32
  • LU(D)32
  • LU(D)35
  • EL(S)35
  • LU(S)38
  • LU(S)40
  • EL40
  • EL(S)44
  • L46SH
  • T6L46SH
  • LU46(A)
  • LU50(A)
  • LF28RG
  • T6L46SH
  • Z750SH

Bila ada spareparts mesin yang anda perlukan dan tidak ada dilist yang kami sebutkan diatas mohon jangan segan-segan untuk menghubungi kami anda tidak akan rugi.

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Parts Name Oil Water Separator Generator Cooler Air Conditioning Compressor Boiler Clutch Air Line Water Pipe Line F.O. Pipe Line etc.

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Beta Marine

Perkins Sabre

Heat exchanger cooling complete with cupro-nickel tube
bundle, with fresh water and sea water pumps.
Lubricating oil cooler.

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Heavy Part

Notch Wire

Compatible Spare Parts for Asian Brands. Whereas the known European filter manufacturers are using woven-mesh the Asian makers are producing a different kind of filtration material, the so called Notch Wire.

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Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Motor / Hydraulic Crain, Winches / Tank Level, Life Boat / Life Left / Safety Device System, Navigation Equipment.

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ITO Main Engine and Diesel Generator Parts we have any types parts of the products that you are needed. WA : +62818852976

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