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Scania DI 12 280kW Main Propulsion Hydraulic Power Pack with Auxiliary Generating Set installed in an Acoustic Enclosure

Scania DI 12 362kVA 50Hz Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Auxiliary Generating Set


  • Scania marine auxiliary diesel generator engine manufactured in Sweden (EU country).
  • Heat exchanger cooling complete with cupro-nickel tube bundle, with Fresh Water and Sea Water pumps.
  • Water cooled exhaust manifold. Lubricating oil cooler.
  • Exhaust elbow and flanged flexible bellows section.
  • 24 volt electric start system, charging alternator and stop solenoid valve, marine type insulated return.
  • Combined start, alarm and shutdown panel engine mounted and pre-wired to engine components and including: Marine approved modular engine controller to monitor all engine parameters with start and stop push buttons. A screen enables direct readings of oil pressure and jacket water temperature and provides engine status information. The module provides auto shutdown on fault and gives possibility for signal outputs to ship system.
  • Speed governor to control engine speed to the requirements of ISO 3046 for diesel generating set.
  • Standard lubricating oil filter and lubricating oil sump drain pump.
  • Marine rated generator manufactured by Mecc Alte, 4 pole, brushless, self bearing, self ventilated with IP22 guard, running at 1500rpm for 50Hz or 1800rpm for 60Hz with terminal box and automatic voltage regulator fully suitable for use in engine room ambient temperature of 45°C.
  • Dry type air inlet filter.
  • Engine and generator are coupled together and mounted on a welded steel base plate.
  • Marine failsafe anti-vibration mountings to isolate the set from the ships seating.
  • Combined full load works test.
  • Fully classifiable specification suitable for survey including, Duplex changeover fuel filters and Flexible fuel connections for inlet and return, fire retardant and ‘type’ approved.
  • A selection of options and accessories are available.

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