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Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

For professional cleaning onboard


  • Fuel and Lube Oil Filter
  • Engine Parts
  • Injection Nozzles
  • Purifier Parts
  • Heaters and Coolers


  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Stainless Steel Housing and Rack for Solid Installation Onboard
  • Sweep: For the Continued Shifting of Sound Pressure Maxima
  • Degas: Allows the Quick Degassing of the Cleaning Liquid
  • Boost: For an Increased Cleaning Power by 20%
  • Heating: Safe to Run Dry, Quick Heating-Up, Efficient.

Our product range is flexible, comprehensive, available and of consistent high quality. We offer Filter and other spare parts for 600 manufacturers worldwide and with regard to all leading brands.

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