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Outstanding Customer Experience: Our Comprehensive Range of Offerings"

Sinar Megah Indah is more than just a spare parts supplier and stockist - we take pride in offering professional services to ensure that our clients receive only the very best. Our mission is to go above and beyond for our clients by delivering high quality, efficient and professional services at very competitive prices. We have a laser-focused approach to providing our clients with reliable and efficient solutions that ensure their businesses operate smoothly. Our vast customer base including Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Shipyards, Factories, Industries, Trading Houses and Repair Workshops have come to trust and rely on us over the years. We offer a variety of top-notch services, including marine and industrial parts supply, ship supply, ship engine new and used, ship building and repairs agents, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, maintenance repairs, and overhaul. You can rest assured that at Sinar Megah Indah, we are dedicated to providing superior services to our clients and satisfying their needs with exceptional delivery.

Establishment Years


Shipping Success: Recognizing the Leading Distributor in Exceptional Delivery Services

We take pride in being a longstanding supplier of top-class ship spare parts in Korea. Our years of experience have allowed us to provide exceptional support for all types of vessels, catering to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. In particular, we specialize in offering certified and qualified parts for Man B&W types, including STX, HHI, and HSD(KOREAII), which come along with our company guarantee letter. At our company, we take quality seriously. This is why we focus on developing high-quality products to ensure that we remain an excellent enterprise that bridges the gap between our valued customers and end-users. Our core values include strong corporate governance principles, clear accountability systems, and policies that guide our actions. As your trustworthy partner, we are always ready to provide the assistance you need when it comes to ship spare parts. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help!

Empowering Your Journey: Our Brand's Commitment to Growth and Success

Our brand is who we are, and what we stand for as a company. The PMSC brand encompasses all our people, the products we sell, the technologies we develop and the relationships we build. We have for brand value that underpin everything we do:

Performance - setting global standards
Innovative - delivering breakthrough solutions
Progressive - always looking for a new and better approach
Green - demonstrating environmental leadership

PMSC aspires to be one of the world's great companies, with a sustainable long term future. This is captured by the phrase "beyond shipping", reflecting our brand positioning today and our aspiration to meet the world's future ship spares/stores needs.

Troubleshooting Made Easy: Technical Support at Your Service

At PMSC, we are dedicated to achieving operational excellence in every aspect of our business. Our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers by building a strong partnership founded on quality and quantity. Our team is committed to delivering products that are both distinctive and competitive, and we place a high priority on ensuring our operating processes prioritize positive customer experiences. At PMSC, our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't stop when the product has been delivered. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers by providing exceptional technical support, including data and photos, as requested. Our strong dedication to quality extends beyond just our products, as we understand the importance of maintaining and developing a top-notch quality control system for our services as well. At PMSC, we know that our customers are at the heart of our business, and our continued success depends on delivering high-quality products and services that meet their needs. We are committed to upholding our standards and ensuring that our commitment to quality remains steadfast. We welcome the kind interest of our customers as we strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business.

Excellence in Action: Recognizing the Best Services for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

With years of experience and dedication, we have earned a reputation of excellence that has gained us the trust of various industries such as ship owners, ship managers, shipyards, factories, trading houses, and repairing workshops. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a company that is synonymous with quality services, professionalism, and integrity. Over the years, our dedication to providing high-quality services has led to a strong and positive track record of satisfied and happy clients who trust us to deliver exceptional results. We value our partnerships with our clients and are committed to providing reliable and efficient services that exceed expectations. Our team is proud of the work we do and to uphold our standards of excellence in everything we do requires hard work and dedication, but we believe it is worth the effort. Working with us means working with professionals who are committed to providing the very best in the industry. We take pride in our work and remain dedicated to upholding our standards of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.

SMIEC: Leading the Way in Sustainable Progress through Exceptional Service

Going Above and Beyond: Our Commitment to Client Assistance

Performance – setting global standards
Innovative – delivering breakthrough solutions
Progressive – always looking for a new and better approach
Green – demonstrating environmental leadership

Supply the best products and services under strict quality control system.
Take responsibility for the total functionality of our products supplied.
Maintain and develop our technology managing system to enhance value of our customers.
Develop products that meet the strictest environmental canon.
Develop value for our customers and business references as well.

Our main activities are supplying high-quality ship spares parts and stores. We focused on the best quality by the same processing system comparing to the genuine parts. Further whenever some customer requires data about our product, we can always support the necessary data like as (manufacturing process etc.) to fulfill the customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

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